Hoping To Solve A Personal Drinking Problem?

Contact, NY Inter-Group (212) 647-1680

Dear Friends

We  are millions of men and women of all ages, from all over the world and  all walks of life, who have found a way to live without alcohol.

The  American Medical Association has defined excessive  drinking as a  progressive, fatal disease named alcoholism.       It is incurable but can be  treated successfully by following the simple program of Alcoholics  Anonymous.

The first and most important step is to admit to yourself that alcohol is causing you a problem.

If you or someone you know has a drinking problem call the New York Inter-Group Association of A.A.     (212) 647-1680.

Thank you for your interest in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Throughout District 620 website you will find links to A.A. information.

​Best wishes, from all of the A.A. groups in District 620.

Note: this is not a New York Inter-Group Association of A.A. website. 

Contact District 620 with your comments and suggestions.

You can either:

email us at:  aadistrict620@gmail.com,

or send a letter to us at:

District 620,

P.O. Box 963

Lincolnton Station
New York, NY 10037-322

Serving the neighborhoods of Harlem, East Harlem, Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights -- New York City

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aadistrict 620 P. O. Box 963 Lincolnton Station New York, NY 10037-3220

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District 620: Self Supporting Through Our Contributions

Who we are?

  • District  620 is the AA service committee that includes all the G.S.R.'s (General  Service Representatives)  from the 31, A.A. groups that meets in the  areas of East Harlem, Central Harlem, Hamilton Heights, and Washington  Heights.

What we do?

  • ​We Present an annual service workshops which cover a wide variety of  AA service topics.
  • Home bound services for AA members in District 620 who are, Home bound and requesting a meeting.
  • District 620 Serves the Archive Committee for Manhattan County.
  • Public Information Committee  providing information about the fellowship to the public at community events.
  • Provides an archive of A.A activities within District 620.

Why we ask for your contributions?

  • District  620 used groups and members contributions to do service  in the  District, for example, District annual service workshop, XMAS ALKATHON,  literature, District Banners, printing flyer's  transportation,rent,supplies,P.O. BOX,
  • District Website, storage, and Mailing district information.

What is a D.C.M.?

  • The  heart of A.A. is the group, which elects a General Service  representative (G.S.R.).  The G.S.R. s  attends district meetings that  are made up of the groups in that district.  The GSR.S  elect a District  Committee Member (D.C.M.). Thus The D.C.M. is the vital link between  the group's G.S.R. and the area service structure, including the area's  delegate to the General Service Conference.